Welcome to the Plainville Sports Hall of Fame Website.

It is my honor and privilege as founder of the Plainville Sports Hall of Fame Committee to welcome you to our Web Site. The site is a result of our desire to share the history of “Plainville” with you and future generations. The site was made possible by the generous donation of the Toffolon family and all of our friends and sponsors.

The Plainville Sports Hall of Fame was established in 1998 to keep Plainville’s sports history alive. We have been blessed with wonderfully successful individual athletes who have established State and New England records as well as Nationally recognized coaches and State Championship teams. These memories deserve to be shared and maintained. This is our attempt to do our part. Plainville is a great place to call home and I think we all have a special place in our hearts for home.

I encourage everyone who visits our site to share their stories and if possible send copies of photographs and newspaper stories that can be maintained with the Plainville Sports Hall of Fame and added to the records.

We are always looking for nominations from the public too. Basically we look for outstanding accomplishments, whether it’s playing or coaching. We look for people who bring pride to Plainville.

So in closing, I urge all of you to visit the site and share the memories and feel free to share your own memories with us. I hope you all enjoy our efforts and I invite you to visit the Sports Hall of Fame showcase in Plainville High School and walk the newly renovated athletic facility. I know you will be impressed.

We never had irrigated and lighted fields like today’s facility, but they will never know the rivalry of Plainville vs. Southington and that Saturday afternoon in November 1971. Go Blue Devils!!!

Byron J. Treado, III

Plainville Sports Hall of Fame Members

Byron Treado, III , Chairman
Don Dellaquila, Vice Chair
Keith D’Amato, Vice Chair
Bob O’Dea, Treasurer
Frank Zdunczyk, Secretary

Committee Members:

Lisa Mandeville
Mike Bakaysa
Jeffrey Palmer
Greg Ziogas
Ron Jones
Marc Wesoly
Dr. William Petit Jr.
Brian Verrastro
Bob Freimuth
Brian Edge
Chris Farrell
Tom Arcari
Bob Frazee
Phil Cox